We are always looking for ambitious, dedicated, and experienced individuals to join our growing team.

 If interested in working with us, please send your resume to


Only applicants that meet the skills and experience required for a role will be contacted to move forward in our hiring process. 


We actively seek to recruit talented people from all academic backgrounds into our university and college programs. Internships range from two months to four months with the potential for full-time positions post successful completion. All of our positions offer an opportunity to learn firsthand about the firm, our culture, and the private equity industry. 


Queen's University

Private Equity Analyst, 2016-2017

"I was most interested in working at Lux Equity due to the responsibility that was given to the interns. Interns receive an unparalleled amount of learning opportunities proportional to the quantity of work they can handle. As a result, I was able to work on parts of a real estate transaction that a typical private equity intern would never see. As cliche as it sounds, the internship gives back as much as you put into it."

York University

Private Equity Analyst, 2016-2017

"My favorite aspect of working at Lux Equity was the tight-knit environment and the people. The small team meant that there was a flat work environment. Given the environment, I was able to develop very close relationships with all my superiors. At the end of the day, working with like-minded intelligent people made the internship an unforgettable experience for me."

Sandy Tse

Western University

MarketingAnalyst, 2016-2017

"My advice to new interns is to come with an open mind and be humble. As is for everything in life, coming into this internship with humility and an open mind is crucial in the development of the intern throughout the duration of the program. The entrepreneurial environment that you will be working in requires you to be malleable and open-minded; it's important to not come in with a fixed mindset on how things should be done. You might be pleasantly surprised with what you may learn under these conditions."

Reuben Zhou

Queen's University

Private Equity Analyst, 2016-2017

"I wanted a role where I would be able to take on a lot of responsibility and learn as much as possible and Lux provided this opportunity. The best part of the internship was the people, who made it a fun environment to work in- I looked forward to seeing the team every day. I would tell new interns to push yourself to do as much as possible. You'll be given as much responsibility as you can handle, so be proactive if you want to maximize your experience."

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